The Sangre Grande Hospital launched the “Link Nurse Programme” in its fight to break the chain of infections.

Nineteen (19) Link Nurses representing all clinical areas will monitor all infectious cases and identify any break in the principles that govern Infection, Prevention and Control thus preventing the spread of infections and by extension improving the health service.

This is the first time Link Nurses have been attached to an Infection Prevention Control Department (IPCD) in Trinidad and Tobago. The launch of this initiative took place on 15th July 2019 at the Sangre Grande hospital under the theme “Breaking the Chain of Infection”

The nurses are the link between their areas and the Infection Control Team and will be responsible for reporting the cases to the IPCD. This will assist in preventing outbreaks. They will also assist to increase awareness of infection control issues and motivate staff to improve the practice. Training sessions will be conducted to ensure adherence to international best practices.

(L-R) Registered Nurse Lima Harper presents the publication “Prevention and Control of Healthcare-Associated Infections” to Registered Nurse Mala Sagar.

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