First New Year’s Baby at the Sangre Grande Hospital

The Eastern Regional Health Authority welcomed the first baby to be born at the Sangre Grande Grande Hospital for 2019 at 3:20 a.m. on January 1st. Ms. Kandi Orosco-Purcell from Foster Road, Sangre Grande gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Ammiel who weighed 2290 grams.  Ammiel was delivered by Ms. Joanne Hanooman, Midwife.

Ms. Esme Rawlins-Charles, Chairman of the Board of the Eastern Regional Health Authority and Directors Ms. Gloria Andrews and Ms. Lucy Torres were on hand to congratulate Ms. Orosco-Purcell and presented her with a hamper filled with baby products.

Ms. Orosco-Purcell thanked the staff at the Sangre Grande Hospital for the safe delivery of her son Ammiel and stated she was treated well by the staff and they made the delivery easy.

(L-R) Ms. Lucy Torres, Director, Ms. Gloria Andrews, Director, Ms. Joanne Hanooman, Midwife, Ms. Ellen Campbell, Acting Head Nurse, Ms. Esme Rawlins-Charles, Chairman, Ms. Kandi Orosco-Purcell, mother and baby Ammiel.


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