First Christmas Baby at the Sangre Grande Hospital

At 12:01 a.m. on December 25, 2018, Ms. KIZIE MITCHELL was the first mother to give birth on Christmas Day at the Sangre Grande Hospital.

The healthy baby boy named Phoenix weighed 3210 grams and was delivered by Ms. Joanne Hanooman, Midwife.

Mr. Ronald Tsoi-a-Fatt, Chief Executive Officer presented the mother with a hamper filled with baby products and congratulated her on the new addition to her family.

Ms. Mitchell who resides at Pierre Phillip Road, New Grant expressed her gratitude towards the Maternity Ward staff and stated that it was a quick and easy delivery and the doctors and staff at the Sangre Grande Hospital were really nice, helpful and supportive.

L to R: Ms. Kizie Mitchell  with her son Phoenix (Christmas baby delivered at the Sangre Grande Hospital), Ms. Amity Baker-David, Staff Midwife, Ms. Ellen Campbell, Acting Head Nurse and Mr. Ronald Tsoi-a-Fatt, CEO of the Eastern Regional Health Authority.


Mr. Ronald Tsoi-a-Fatt, CEO of the Eastern Regional Health Authority pose with mothers and their Christmas babies at Ward 4 of the Sangre Grande Hospital.

L to R: Ms. Linda Bridgemohan (baby boy born at 5:24 a.m.), Mr. Ronald Tsoi-a-Fatt, Ms. Kizie Mitchell (baby boy born at 12:01 a.m.), Ms. Naseem Seemunta (baby girl born at 12:11 a.m.) and Ms. Esther Vidale (baby girl born at 3:24 a.m.).

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