District Health visitors attended a training session on 3rd February, 2020 at the Sangre Grande Hospital where they were provided with training on the methods for detection, prevention, response and control of the coronavirus. The sensitization exercise led by Ms. Indardaye Majaraj, Manager-Regional Nursing continued today at Head Office for administrative and other staff. A demonstration on proper handwashing techniques was also performed.

Sessions will continue at all facilities of the ERHA for members of staff.

The ERHA is urging persons to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their loved ones from Novel Coronavirus.

Members of staff at Supercare Building, Head Office

Ms. Indardaye Maharaj, Manager-Regional Nursing and other members of the Management Team share information on the Novel Coronavirus

Ms. Krysta-Rae Snaggs, Acting Manager-Occupational Safety and Health demonstrates proper handwashing techniques

Ms. Anita Rampaul-Mohamed, General Manger-Legal and Corporate Affairs and other members of staff at the sensitization session

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