The ERHA is one of the five (5) Regional Health Authorities in Trinidad and Tobago established by an Act of Parliament in 1994.

We are responsible for providing health care for the catchment population of approximately 120,000 from Matelot in the North to Guayaguayare, Rio Claro and Brothers Road in the South to Valencia in the East, covering approximately 1/3 of the island.

Our first Board of Directors was appointed in December 1994.

The recruitment of Executive Management Team began with the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer in October 1995.


Mission Statement
The Eastern Regional Health Authority is in the business of promoting wellness in collaboration with the community, and effective partnership with relevant stakeholders. We will provide a cost-effective, quality health care service to the population through a highly motivated and developed human resource within the guidelines of national policy.


Vision Statement
The vision of the ERHA is to continually improve the quality of life of our clients through the promotion of wellness by partnering with all stakeholders to deliver accessible quality health care that is focused on the needs of the population.


Core Values
  • Respect for Human Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Shared Ownership
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Partnership
  • Universal access, affordability and equity
  • Quality Care


Board of Directors

Ms. Esme Rawlins-Charles, Chairman

Ms. Sasha C.A. Darbeau, Deputy Chairman

Dr. Brian Armour, Director

Ms. Barbara Punch, Director

Mrs. Gloria Andrews, Director

Ms. Sarah Mootoor, Director

Mr. Avind Moonan, Director

Dr. Michelle Trotman, Director

Ms. Lucy Torres, Director

Dr. Maryam Abdool-Richards