Over 160 members of staff of the Eastern Regional Health Authority and guests of the ERHA attended an Interfaith Service earlier today at the St. Francis of Assisi R. C. Church to give thanks for the Authority’s achievements and to seek guidance and blessings for 2020 and future endeavours.

Chairman Mrs. Esme Rawlins-Charles and other members of the ERHA’s Board of Directors as well as the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ronald Tsoi-a-Fatt and Ms. Christine Newallo-Hosein, Member of Parliament, Cumuto/ Manzanilla  at today’s Interfaith Service.

Members of staff, stakeholders of the ERHA and specially invited guests.

Chairman Mrs. Esme Rawlins-Charles reads the scripture, taken from Luke 17: 11-19.

Representatives of the Inter Religious Organization, staff and stakeholders

Reverend Dave Garcia of the Triune Spiritual Baptist Inc. offers a prayer.


Lay Minister Michael Serrette presents the Gospel Homily.

The choir leads the congregation with hymns like ‘God of Mercy, God of Grace’ and ‘Search Me O God.’


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