ame Location Phone
County Administration  Damarie Hill Guaico, Trinidad 226-1110
Administration Building No. 121 Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande, Trinidad

226- 9000

Human Resources

Information Systems & Technology

Central Purchasing Unit

Projects Unit

Head Office – Supercare Building Supercare Building, Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande, Trinidad Tel: 226-9140/9176  Fax: 226-9167
Sankar Building Corner San Louis Road and Eastern Main Road Sangre Grande, Trinidad  226 1574  Fax: 226-9247
ADQ Conference Center Corner Cross Street and Picton Road, Sangre Grande




County Health Administration/Satellite Dialysis Unit


2519 Naparima Mayaro Road, Narine Ramrattan Building, Rio Claro 226-9900